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After Multiple Extractions

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In some situations, you'll need to have multiple teeth removed from your mouth at the same time. During these procedures, you'll be asked to follow a variety of steps to keep your mouth healthy after the surgery.


•  Following your operation, you can expect to experience a small amount of bleeding. If this occurs, use a gauze pad and place it directly over the bleeding area. Bite down to apply pressure for up to 30 minutes. If the socket continues to bleed, moisten a tea bag and substitute this in place of the gauze pad.
•  If you do experience bleeding, avoid drinking hot liquids. Keep your head elevated and relax. Also avoid strenuous exercise.
•  If you are wearing immediate dentures, keep them in your mouth unless you are experiencing severe bleeding. You can expect that some oozing will occur around the sides of your dentures.
•  If the bleeding still continues, call our office for assistance.

Swelling and Discomfort

•  Use ice packs externally on the side of the face that you had the work completed on.
•  Swelling should reach its maximum after two days, and swelling may even occur around the eye.
•  Only use ice for the first 24 hours, and apply it continuously while you are awake.
•  Discoloration or bruising may occur, and applying a warm towel can help to eliminate this. Begin using moist heat 24-36 hours after surgery.
•  If you are experiencing mild pain, use an over-the-counter pain reliever like Tylenol or ibuprofen.
•  For severe pain, use any prescription medications that were recommended by your surgeon.
•  If your pain doesn't begin to get better in two days, or if it is actually getting worse two days after your procedure, call our office for guidance.

Diet and Nutrition

•  Be sure to drink plenty of water. After multiple extractions, you'll have lost blood that will need to be replaced. Be sure to drink a minimum of six glasses of water the first day after your surgery.
•  Restrict your diet to soft foods and liquids, as they will be more comfortable while you heal. As your condition improves, you'll be able to revert back to your old diet.

Caring for Your Teeth

•  On your first post-operative day, you should avoid rinsing your mouth.
•  After this first day, use warm salt water solution to rinse out the mouth every four hours and after meals. This will help to wash away debris and food particles that could get lodged in the area of operation.
•  After you've seen your dentist for your denture appointment, remove your dentures to rinse 3-4 times per day.

Other Issues

The extraction of multiple teeth at the same time is very different than simply extracting one or two teeth. Since the bone will need to be smoothed and shaped prior to inserting the denture, you may experience a sore throat. This is normal and should go away in only a couple of days. Additionally, the corners of your mouth will be stretched out during your procedure, causing them to crack and dry out. You'll need to use Chap Stick or Vaseline to correct this.

You may also experience a fever for a couple of days, and if you wear immediate dentures, sore spots could develop. In most scenarios, your dentist will check your healing progress within a day or two following your surgery, so necessary adjustments can be made to help your dentures fit more comfortably. Failure to follow up with this appointment could result in major denture sores, and this could prolong the amount of time it takes you to fully heal.

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